Charles and Martha Dawson Cain

Charles Cain was born October 30, 1887 in Clay Co., Vining, Kansas; died October 23, 1961 also in Vining, Kansas. He was the son of Samuel Gilbert Cain and Nancy Ellen King Cain.


On May 8, 1916 he married Martha Margaret Dawson in Clay Center, Ks. She was the daughter of Elmer Morton and Ella Zennia Queary Dawson and was born May 8, 1896 in Ames, Kansas and died March 28, 1978.

Charles and Martha had two children: June Charlene Cain, born January 26, 1917 and Merle “Bud” Dawson Cain born August 18, 1922. June Charlene Cain died May 20, 1955 in Clay Center Kansas.

Read more about Charles and Martha at my first website.

Merle Cain and his sister, June Cain. 1922

Charles Cain was a house painter for most of his life except in his early adulthood he and Martha joined the carnival and ran a shooting gallery. Martha was postmistress of the Vining post office for a few months in 1955.

This photo was taken during a trip to California in 1924 by the Cain family.  Shown here are L-R  June Cain, Merle Cain and Martha Cain.

WWI Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918 – Charles Ray Cain; age 29; address, Vining, Kans; date of birth, Oct. 30, 1887; Natural born; born in Vining, Kans, USA; occupation, painter; self-employed; who is dependent on you for support, wife and 4 mo. old child; married; Caucasian; no prior military service; does not claim exemption from draft. Signed: Charles Ray Cain.

WWI Registrar’s Report – medium build; medium height; brown eyes; brown hair; not bald. Clay County, Kans., 6/5/17

WWII Draft Registration Cards, 1942 – Charles Ray Cain; age 55; race white; occupation, self; height, 5’ 11”; brown eyes; Black hair; weight 175; complexion, black; birthdate, 30 Oct 1887; residence year, 1942; residence, Vining, Kansas, USA.

Charles Cain is shown in this photo from the 1920’s.  He is 2nd from the left.

Census Records:

1900 and 1910 – see the census records located in the Samuel Cain section (Charles Cain’s father) since he was living at home during this time.

1915 Census – Kansas, Clay County, Vining; Birthplace, Kansas; family number 19; gender, male; age, 26; birth year, about 1889; race, white; living with L.M. Smith and Francis E. Smith;

1925 Census – Chas Cain; Clay County, Vining Kansas; married; male; age 38; birth year, abt 1887; white; Head; Spouse’s name, Martha Cain. Household Members: Chas Cain, 38; Martha Cain age 28; June Cain age 8; Merle Cain, age 2.

1930 Census – Kansas, Clay County, Vining, Sheet 1B, District 2, Mulberry Township. Charles R. Cain; age 42; born 1888; male; white; birthplace Kansas; married; head of household; dwelling #28; family #29; owned home; home value $500; radio set up, yes; lives on farm, No; age at first marriage, 28; attended school, no; able to read and write, yes; father’s birthplace, Ohio; mother’s birthplace, Illinois; naturalized; able to speak English, yes; occupation, shooting gallery; Industry, Carnival; working on own account; employment, yes. Household: Charles R, 42; Martha M., 33; June C, 15; Merle D, 7.

1940 Census – Kansas, Clay County, Vining, sheet 1B, Mulberry Township. Charles Cain; respondent, yes; age 52; born 1888; male; white; born Kansas; married, head, Parallel Street; no, Farm; inferred residence, Vining, Clay Co, Kansas; residence in 1935, same house; occupation, painter; owned house; value, $1000; attended school, no; highest grade completed, 1st year high school; hours worked per week, 30; working on own account; 52 weeks worked in 1939; income $750; income other sources, no. Household members: Charles Cain, 52; Martha Cain, 44; Merle Cain, 17.


Photo on left above is on Martha Cain with her two children, Merle and June Cain. The photo on the right is Charles and Martha Cain along with their 5 grandchildren.

3-gen-cains2 caindawsons

Photo on the left is: June Cain, Martha Cain, Ella Query and Karen and Vance.  Photo on the right is: Martha Cain, Grace Dawson, Jim Dawson in back row; front row is Jerry and Ella Query.

This photo was taken in 1948 and is June Cain with her niece and nephew, Karen and Vance.  It was taken at the home of Charles and Martha in Vining Kansas.




valentine  valentine2

The above photo is a Valentine that Charles Cain received.  On the back of the Valentine it reads:  “Charlie Cain, Vining Kans, Feb 14, 1897.



This is the front and back of a postcard that Martha Cain sent to Nancy Ellen Cain (Mrs. Samuel Cain).  The postmark looks like it says 1919 but I am not for sure as to the date.

Evelyn Walters and June Cain; Standing beside Grandpa and Grandma Cain’s house on the Cusic farm. 1922
Cousins in 1927: Vivian Lewis age 2; Raymond Lewis Jr., age 20 months; Esther Lewis, age 3 1/2; Merle Cain, age 4 1/2; June Cain, age 10; Evelyn Lewis, age 10 1/2.



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