Lewis Cain and Sarah Keenan Cain

Lewis Cain was born January 27, 1816 in Perry County, Ohio the son of John Caine and Elizabeth Brandt Caine. On January 20, 1842 Lewis married Sarah Keenan in Perry County.

Much of my research on Lewis and Sarah and their family is on my website along with their estate records and land deeds. I have not been able to find a photograph of either one of them however Charles and Martha Cain had a box of unidentified photos that they gave to me.  Some of these photos were early tintypes but without any names on them they are not helpful.  Lewis died at an early age, on September 26, 1871, so there may not be any photos of him in existence.


This photo shows some of Lewis and Sarah’s children.  In the back row- 2nd from left is Emma Letitia Cain Wheeler. In the center of the photo to the right of the lady in black is Nancy Ellen King Cain (with hair in a bun on top of her head), wife of Samuel Cain. Directly in front of Nancy Ellen Cain is Lola Wheeler Lynas, daughter of Emma Laticia Cain Wheeler.


Samuel Cain is in the black suit in the center of the photo with a black hat.  His wife, Nancy Ellen King Cain is the lady on the right of him.  Emma Leticia Cain Wheeler is the lady to the left of Samuel and I believe that is her husband in the overalls next to her.

 Children of Lewis and Sarah are:

Mary C. Cain– born about 1843 in Ohio

William F. Cain– born June 1845 in Ohio-twin – died between 1850 and 1860

Charles Thos. Cain— born June 1845 in Ohio–twin

Daniel Cain– born about 1848 in Ohio

Samuel Gilbert Cain— born August 24, 1852 in Somerset, Perry Co. Ohio

Martha Cain— born about 1854 in Ohio

Emma Letitia Cain— born June 7, 1857 in Somerset, Ohio

Alvah James Cain— born April 14, 1860 in Perry Co., Ohio

Benjamin Jesse Cain— born December 14, 1863 in Perry Co, Ohio


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