Charles Thomas Cain and Lorena M Shaw Cain

Charles Thomas Cain was born in June of 1845 in Perry County, Ohio according to census records.  He was the son of Lewis and Sarah Keenan Cain.  He moved to Crawford Co., Illinois before 1870 – probably moved there with his Keenan grandparents.  He married Lorena Shaw on September 21, 1871 in Crawford County, Illinois.

His parents were still living in Perry County, Ohio so he must have received word that his father died on September 27, 1871, just a few days after his wedding.  He apparently went back to his mother in Perry Co and probably helped her move, along with his younger siblings, to Crawford Co, Illinois.  Her parents, Thomas and Letitia Keenan, were already living there.

1905 Agricultural Census, Aurora Twp, Cloud County, Ks – total acres, 80; unimproved 25 acres; improved 55 acres; acres under fence 80; Rods of hedge fence, 160 rods; cost per rod, 100; Rods of wire fence, 360 rods; cost per rod, 25; value of entire farm $2500; value of buildings, $500; value of implements $120; number of acres sown in 1904, corn 24 acres, oats 20 acres, millet 3 acres; bushels of corn on hand 150; land under fence for pasture 25; tons of prairie hay cut in 1904, 5 tons.

Charles and Lorena are buried in the Sulfur Springs Cemetery which is 2 miles east and 2 1/2 miles south of Aurora, Kansas.  The information on the stone says: Charles T. 1845 – 1912; Rena M. his wife 1850-1913.

Charles is listed as a veteran in Cloud County in 1899: Private, Co. G, 53rd, OH Home Guard

Children of Charles and Lorena:

Willis Alden Cain – born September 1872 in Illinois. 1880 census, age 7,  he is listed with his parents.   1895 census, age 22, listed with his parents.   1900 census, age 27, single, born Illinois, living with his parents.   1910 census Nemaha Co, Harrison twp, Goff, Ks, age 35, married 5 years, schoolteacher and principal, wife Bessie W, Wileta, daughter age 4, Nilda daughter age 3, Gerald A. age 2.  He was a teacher in Sulphur Springs Public School, Cloud County, Kansas, 1898-1899.

Edwin M. Cain – born 1873 in Illinois.  1880 census, age 6,  he is listed with his parents.   1895 census, age 21, listed with his parents.  1910 Census Jackson Co, Missouri, Kansas City Ward 4, ED 158, Page 1901 sheet 2; age 36, married 9 years, born Illinois, traveling salesman, dry goods business, own their house, house mortgaged, Edna E. Wife, age 28, mother of 1 child, born Kansas; Charles R. Cain, son, age 7, born Missouri. 1920 Census, Rosebud Co, Forsyth City, Montana; Edwin M. Cain, owns house, mortgaged house, age 45, born Ill, salesman for a store; Edna E Cain, age 38, born Kansas; Charles C. Cain, age 17, born Missouri.

Mertie E. Cain – born about 1877 in Illinois; died August 4, 1880; 3 yrs, 10 days; buried in Princeville Cemetery, Aurora Kansas.

Effie M. Cain – born January 1880 in Illinois; died August 7, 1880; 6 months, 24 days; buried in Princeville Cemetery, Aurora Kansas.

I am looking for photos of Charles, Lorena or their children  to add to this site.  If you have any and would be willing to send me a scan of them I would really appreciate it.  I have photos of many of my grandpa’s brothers and sisters but am lacking any for Charles and his family.  Please contact me a karepickett (at)hotmail (dot)com.  Thanks!



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