John Caine and Elizabeth Brandt Mouler Caine.

John Caine was born about 1794 in Pennsylvania and died about 1874 probably in  Vinton Co. Ohio. He married  Elizabeth Brandt Mouler, daughter of Lodwick Brandt Sr and Mary Byers Brandt, on  July 6, 1815 in Fairfield Co, Ohio. She was born in 1779 in Pennsylvania and died in June, 1850 in Perry Co, Ohio.

A timeline for John is in this blog post and I have all my early research on John and Elizabeth and their family on my website.  

Elizabeth Brandt  was married first to Jacob Mouler  (other spellings seen include: Moler, Mohler, Mowler).  He died in 1805 in Fairfield Co, Ohio. The children of Elizabeth and Jacob were: Martin, Jacob, Mary E, and  Eliza.  The estate papers of Jacob Mouler are also on my website.

After Elizabeth Brandt Mouler Caine died John Caine married Elizabeth Monroe on December 8, 1853 in Vinton Co, Ohio. She was born in 1797 in Virginia according to census records.

All of our sources for the births and deaths are from census records because I have never found any other sources for John or Elizabeth.

Ohio Marriage Records Through 1820:  John Cain and Elizabeth Mouler — July 06, 1815 — Fairfield Co, Book B, page 92

Census Records:

1820 Perry Co, Reading twp, Ohio— John Caine -age 16-26, wife age 26-45, — has 3 boys under 10 yrs old and 1 boy 10-16yrs; 1 girl under 10 yr.
1830 Perry Co, Reading twp, Ohio— John Cain age 30-40, wife age 40-50,– has 2 boys age 5-10yrs; and 2 boys 10-15yrs; 1 girl age 15-20 yrs and 1 girl age 20-30 yr.
1840 Perry Co, Reading twp, Ohio— John Cain age 40-50, wife age 50-60;— 1 male 10-15; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30.— son James lives next door and is married with a child.
1850 Perry Co, Reading twp, Ohio— John Cain is enumerated with James and his family.
1860 Vinton Co, Elk twp, Ohio– John Cain age 56 (sic); farmer; property value $300; personal value $60; Elizabeth age 64, born VA; Sarah A Monroe age 18, servant; William H.. Oshal 1 year male.

Children of John and Elizabeth Brandt Mouler Cain were:

  • John Cain was born about 1815 – He died before 1828 because he didn’t receive land from his Grandfather, Ludwig Brandt.
  • Lewis Cain was born on  January 27, 1816
  • James Cain was born about 1819
  • Isaiah Cain born about 1822

Children of Elizabeth Brandt Mouler  and Jacob Mouler are:

  • Martin Mouler
  • Jacob Mouler
  • Mary E. Mouler
  • Eliza Mouler


This is the map of Perry County Ohio, Reading Township, Range 16.  It shows the land that Elizabeth Brandt Cain inherited from her father.  It has her husband’s name on the map, John Cain.  Elijah Brant, Isaac Brant and Lewis Brant are Elizabeth’s brothers and Jacob Eckenroad is the husband of her sister, Mary Cain.  I still believe that Mary Scallon, Elizabeth Green and David Slaughter (the other owners of the land near the Brants) are somehow related but I haven’t proved it as of yet.

The will of Lodwick Brandt, Sr. dated July 26, 1822 gives Elizabeth 25 acres of ground and mentions son-in-law, John Kane.  According to the will, Elizabeth’s children will each receive a portion of the land after she dies.

In some census records John says he was born in Virginia and in others he says he was born in Pennsylvania.  This could be entirely true because the state boundaries changed quite a few times in the late 1700’s – especially in western Pennsylvania where it borders with Virginia.


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