James Cain and Maria Ann Decot Cain

James Cain was born on August 3, 1817 in Reading twp, Perry Co, Ohio the son of John Cain and Elizabeth Brandt Cain.  He died on  August 28, 1880 in Reading twp, Perry Co, Ohio. He married Maria Ann Decot, daughter of Frances Decot and Anna Mary ?, on  December 5, 1838 in Perry Co, Ohio. She was born in 1819 in Alsace, France. She died in November, 1882 in Perry Co, Ohio.

Perry Co, Ohio Record of Deaths:  Mary Cane, female, white, widowed,  death 11-82,  age 64, place of death Reading Twp; place of birth France.— Ledger 1; page 240; Register number 5.

Records show the names spelled various ways: Cane, Caine, Kane, Cain.  Ann Maria also was written and spelled differently in various records: Mary Cane; Maria Ann Decot, Decat, Deckor, Decko, etc.

Please see my website for more information on James and Ann Maria and also deeds for land they purchased or sold.

Children of James and Ann Maria:

Mary E. Cain   was born circa 1839– married John C. Eckenrode

Henry Cain  was born circa 1841 in Ohio; died about 1878; married Jane Elkins.         Children of Henry and Jane were: Anna Catharine, Elizabeth, Julia, George, Ella, John Edward.

Sarah Cain– born circa 1843; married David Kinnan

Emily Cain– born circa 1844

Ellenora Cain– born circa 1847; married H. Brunner

Caroline Cain– born circa 1849

Harriet Cain– born circa 1851; died December 4, 1873 in Bremen, Ohio; married Henry Borer / Bohar

Robert A. Cain– born circa 1852; died December 4, 1873.

Catherine M. Cain– born circa 1859

William Cain- born circa 1861; died June 11, 1878

Laura Cain- born circa 1862; died February 13, 1879

Infant of James Cain – died and buried in St. Joseph’s Rectory (Interment Records) September 29, 1856.

Article in the Somerset Press newspaper, October 2, 1879: “A daughter of James Caine died on Friday and was buried at St. Joseph’s on Saturday.  There were thirteen children in the family and all have died with the exception of one.”


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