Our Unidentified Tintype Photos

I was so delighted about 45 years ago when Grandma gave me a box of old family photos.  I took them home, looked through them and then put them in the closet and forgot about them. The next time I took out the box I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed it before but many of the photos had no names on them and I didn’t recognize the people in the photo.  My grandma had died in the intervening years and I had no one to identify the photos.  Through our family history research my sister did eventually find we had some elderly great aunts that were still alive and they helped us with some of the photos.


We have many types of old photographs in Grandma’s box but the most intriguing to me were the tintypes. A total of 18 unidentified tintypes of adults and children – probably my great grandmothers and grandfathers, aunties and uncles – but I just can’t figure out who they are or which side of my family they are from.

So I am showing the tintypes here so that perhaps some of our family might have duplicates of the photo and could help me identify ours.  Our family lines include the names Cain, Dawson, Query, King, Keenan, Laflin, Brandt and so many others. Please contact me if you see any familiar faces!

couple2   ladywithbangs

man-1   man2

womanascot woman4

manbychair   woman2


Watch for new posts with more of our old tintypes stories about our old photos. And… don’t forget to contact me if any of these look like family of yours!


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