Children of Jacob Mouler and Elizabeth Brandt Caine

Elizabeth was the wife of our John Caine but was married first to Jacob Moler / Mouler / Mohler / Mowler of Fairfield County, Ohio.  I have been unable to find where or when Jacob and Elizabeth were married.

Jacob died before February 15, 1805. His estate papers are on my first website. Be sure to scroll down and see the list of items in the appraisement of Jacob’s estate!  It’s really interesting to see what household items were appraised for back in 1805

They had 4 children:

Martin Mouler – I don’t know the birth date but he died about 1835 in Fairfield Co, Ohio and is buried in Bacher-Baugher Cemetery, Fairfield Co. Ohio. He married Mary Ann Miller in 1827 in Perry Co, Ohio.

Martin Mouler and Mary Ann Miller had 4 children: Albert, Susan, Martha, Jacob.

“Greenfield Township Fairfield Co, Ohio, Land Patent Grants issued at the Chillicothe Land Office for Congress Lands north of the Ohio River and East of the Scioto River.” Deed Book “Y” page 108, July 6, 1816.  James Madison,  President of the United States to Martin and Jacob Moler, assignees of Philemon Beecher, NW 1/4 of Section 3, Township 15, Range 19, Year of Independence the 41st.”

Tax Records:

  • 1816 Tax  Records, Fairfield Co, Ohio:  Martin & Jacob Moler, rate of each tract, 163; R19, T15, S3 NW; Amt of rate in dollar, 3.66 3/4
  • 1817 Tax Records Fairfield Co, Ohio:   Martin & Jacob Moler, 163, R19,T15, S3NW; $3.66 3/4
  • 1818 Tax Records Fairfield Co, Ohio:  Martin & Jacob Moler, 163, R19, T15, S3NW; $2.44
  • 1819 Tax Records Fairfield Co, Ohio:  Martin & Jacob Moler, 163, R19, T15, S3NW; $2.85 1/4
  • 1820 Tax Records Fairfield Co, Ohio:  Martin & Jacob Moler, 163, R19, T15, S3NW; $2.85, 2 mills
  • 1821 Tax Records Fairfield Co, Ohio: Moler, Jacob heirs 163, R19, T15, S3NW; $5.57, 2 mills;
  • 1823 Tax Records Fairfield Co, Ohio: Mohler Jacob heirs of David Brandt – exe?; R19, T15, S3, NW; 163,  State tax $1.83, 4 mills; Road Tax .61, 1 mill; Total Tax $2.44 and 5 mills.

Guardian Bond, dated April 13, 1805-—- Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Cessna, William Springer, James Wilson and John Williamson of the County of Fairfield and State of Ohio, do own and acknowledge our silver, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally indebted unto the President and the associate  judge of the court of Common Pleas and their heirs or  ? in the sum of one thousand four hundred dollars good and lawful money of the said State for  the ? and faithful payment thereof we bind ourselves our heirs and assigns as aforesaid. In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and hearts this 13th day of April AD 1805. Whereas the Court of Common Pleas for the county of Fairfield within Term of April 1805 nominated and
appointed Thomas Cissna and William Springer of the County aforesaid. Guardians of the persons and estate of Martin Mouler and Jacob Mouler  infants and sons of Jacob Mouler, late of the County aforesaid deceased, by Elizabeth his wife. Now the  ? of the above obligation is such that of the ? Thomas Cissna and William Springer, Guardians aforesaid do will and truly perform and execute all and every of the duties of Guardians as aforesaid unto the said Martin Mouler and Jacob Mouler, Infants, as aforesaid agreeable and accord of to usages and customs of the laws of the said State, and pay over unto the said Martin and Jacob, Infants, when they arrive at the age of twenty one years of age.  All such sum or sums of money ? affects, estates real and personal of whatever kind and in above that shall be found due upon them the said guardians as also do and perform all such acts as may be necessary and of rights to them to belong to them perform and also keep safe and harmless the said President and associate Judge and their successors in Grant??  the guardianship aforesaid to them the said Thomas & William. Then this obligation shall be said and of ? affect otherwise to remain in full force and ? in Law.  Signed and delivered in presence of Thos Cissna, William Springer,  James Wilson, John Williamson.

Jacob Mouler –  was born about 1804;  died in 1868. He married Christina Swinehart on March 16, 1826 in Perry Co, Ohio. She was born about 1805 in Northumberland Co, PA. and died on August 3, 1856 in Somerset,  Perry Co OH.

  • Census: 1830 Fairfield Co, Greenfield Twp, p150——-Jacob Moler 1m<5;  1m 20-30; 1f<5; 1f 20-30
  • Census: 1840 Fairfield Co., Greenfield Twp, p291—— Jacob Moler  2m<5; 1m 10-15; ?3m 30-40; 1 f<5; 1f 5-10; 1f 20-30

Jacob and Christina’s children are: Henry Mouler, Joel M. Mouler, Mary Ann Mouler, Elisabeth Mouler, Homer Mouler, Thomas J. Mouler, Eliza Mouler, Margret Mouler,  Andrew Mouler.


Eliza Mouler – I have no information for her but she would have died soon after the death of  her grandfather, Ludwig Brandt because she did not receive any of the land from his Last Will and Testament.


Mary E Mouler –  was born about 1806 and died on 17 Oct 1865 in Somerset, Ohio. She married Daniel Kishler on 09 Sep 1832 in Perry Co, Ohio. He was born about 1801 and died on 02 Sep 1838 in Somerset,  Ohio.

Daniel and Mary Kishler’s children were Mary Kishler and Emily Jane Kishler.

Perry Co, Ohio Marriage Records— Mary Moler to Daniel Keishler, Vol 1, page 136

1832 In Land Deed Vot T, p 678 & 679 proves that Mary Kishler is the daughter of Elizabeth Brandt.  It states ” I, being one of the heirs of said Elizabeth.”   She received 1/4 of the land from 25 acres.

Tombstone record from Somerset Methodist Cemetery, Reading Twp Cemeteries, page 166

  • Kishler, John B. — 22 Dec 1769– d. 30 Oct 1845
  • Kishler, Daniel– d. 2 Sept 1838– aged 37 y. 24 d.
  • Kishler, Mary E.– w/o Daniel Kishler, d. Oct/Aug.? 17, 1865– age 59


Perry Co. Ohio Tax Lists:

  • 1830- Daniel Kishler, Reading Twp, 1 cow $40
  • 1831- Daniel Kishler, Reading Twp, 1 cow $40
  • 1832- Daniel Kishler, Reading Twp, 1 cow $40
  • 1833- Daniel Kishler, Reading Twp, 1 cow $40





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