Albert Otto August Boettcher and Rachel Elizabeth Singleton Boettcher

Albert Boettcher was born in Breman Kansas on April 3, 1896. He married Rachel Singleton in 1920 in Hanover, Kansas.  She was born on October 17, 1896.  See my first website for more information about Albert and Rachel. Albert was the son of Wilhelm and  Johanna Boettcher. Rachel was the daughter of James and Rhodabell Singleton.

Children of Albert and Rachel Boettcher are: Ruth Clara Johanna Boettcher;  Gilbert Boettcher;  Floyd Boettcher; Marilyn Boettcher.

Angie Fielder and Rachel Singleton (on right) 17 years old 


boettcheralbert boettchers


Photo on left is Albert Boettcher.  He helped to construct the Zion Lutheran Church Parish Hall in Hanover, Kansas. Photo to the left is Rachel Boettcher and her two daughters, Ruth and Marilyn.  About 1946.

Memories from friends and family of Albert and Rachel:

  The home I remember  where we visited them is in Hanover, Kansas at 312 N. Hanover Street. We drove to Hanover in the year 2000 to see the house where I have so many memories of my grandparents.  The house is totally changed on the outside but the scenery is the same.  The sidewalk where I roller-skated is still the same and the field across the street is the same. There was an old hand pump for water in the back of the house and grandma had a flower garden around it always filled with zinnias.  Rachel quit school at about 14 or 15 years old and went to work in hotels, restaurants and then the telephone office.

Grandma Boettcher was an excellent cook and made the best cinnamon rolls and doughnuts.  She worked at Stormont Vail Hospital as a baker for many years in later life.

I remember Grandpa Albert Boettcher as a very happy man. He used to bounce me on his knee when I was very small. He had a big horse hair leather chair that he always sat on and all of us kids would jump up on his lap when he sat down.

I was told that Grandpa was a skilled carpenter and mason by a neighbor of my grandparents and that his Dad had Grandpa Boettcher build him a barn in 1941 made out of native oak.  Oak is a very hardwood but Albert never did bend a nail when building it.  He always greased the nails before driving them with the hammer.  When working on the barn, Albert wouldn’t eat lunch but would go to the cow lot and get a chunk of the salt block and chew on it while he worked.


Albert and Rachel Boettcher with their grandchildren, Vance Cain and Becky Boettcher. 1947
Albert and Rachel’s children: Marilyn (in front), then L-R Gilbert, Floyd and Ruth Boettcher.  They are standing in front of Ruth Boettcher’s car.  She bought it to be able to drive to her teaching jobs in one room schools around Hanover, Kansas.
This was a Christmas card sent by the Boettcher’s in approximately 1939.  Shown L-R are Ruth, Rachel, Floyd (in front), Gilbert and Albert Boettcher.
Rachel’s 80th birthday.  Front row, Gilbert Boettcher and Rachel.  Back Row, Marilyn Garrett, Paul Singleton, Mildred Huss, Mary Huss Sawyer, Ruth Boettcher Griffith.  October 17, 1976


This is the recipe the Grandma Rachel Boettcher hand wrote for me in 1967 when I asked her for her recipe for Cinnamon rolls.  She never used recipes so wrote the recipe for me as she made it in order to get the correct amounts to write down.


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