Jurn Christoph Boettcher and Maria Weselah Boettcher

Jurn Christoph Boettcher was born April 1828 in Hanover Germany in a little village know as Bornsen and died in Hanover, Kansas on October 1, 1893.

Jurn and Maria were married in 1856 in Germany.  She was born in Linden, Hanover Germany on January 14, 1833 and died on March 23, 1917 in Hanover, Kansas.


The Last Will and Testament, census records, land deeds, and other information about Jurn and Maria  are on my website.

Jurn Christof and Maria along with their little children, Heinrich, Wilhelm, Christof and Johan all came to America on the steamship Germania.  The ship’s captain was H. Ehless and they sailed from Hamburg, Germany on June 25, 1864 and landed in New York.


The following information is shown on the Soundex Index of the Hamburg Passenger Lists: Bottcher, C., Landmann, age 36, male; Maria Bottcher, s. Frau, age 28; Heinr., age 7; Wm. age 6; Christ. age 4; Johann, age under 1, Kinder (Sohne).  From Barusen, Hannover.

The photo above is of the original ship’s list which is  on microfilm.I decided to look at it  to verify information from the Soundex. What I found is that  I believe the initial for “H. Bottcher”  is actually a ‘C’ which would stand for Christof.  Also, the town they came from looks like Barnsen instead of Barusen as in the index.   Landman stands for farmer.

Christoph is listed as a charter member of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hanover, Kansas.

About 1970, my grandma, Rachel Singleton Boettcher, told me that Jurn and Maria and the children lived in a dugout in Kansas before they built their first house. We went to see what was left of the dugout  in the 1970’s  but all you could see what a mound of dirt and the hollow pathway.  I didn’t have a camera with me and so do not have a photo of the dugout.


Above is a photo copy of the Washington County, Kansas plat book of 1882 showing the land where Christof and Maria homesteaded.

Children of Jurn and Maria:

Heinrich (Henry) Boettcher was born about 1857 in Bahnsen, Hanover, Germany. He died on 17 Dec 1925 in Hanover Kansas and married Mary A. Deusch on March, 1913 in Hanover Kansas. Mary was born on  May 6, 1874 in Hanover Kansas and  died on February 17, 1964 in Hanover, Kansas. His second marriage was to Mary Hays. She died on  September 4, 1905 in Hanover, Kansas.

Wilhelm Heinrich Boettcher  (William Henry)  was born on March 2, 1858 in the province  Hanover in Germany. He died on August 1, 1954 in Hanover Kansas. He married Johanne Friederike Wilhelmine Schild on January 4, 1889 in Zion Lutheran Church, Hanover Ks. She was born on January 31, 1865 in Tettens, Oldenburg, Germany,  daughter of Johann Frederick Christian Schild and Johanne Catharine Margarete Meyer,  She died on December 3, 1937 in Hanover, Washington Co. Kansas.

Christof Heinrich Boettcher (Christopher Henry)  was born in November, 1859 in Germany and  died on March 3, 1936 in Hanover Kansas. He married LOUISE D. MEYER. She was born in March, 1873 in Kansas and died on March 20, 1952 in Hanover Kansas.

Johann Christoph Boettcher (John Christopher) was born on  August 8, 1862 in Hanover, Germany and died on August 8, 1943 in Wymore, Nebraska. He married Frieda Helene Henriette Schild on March 26, 1890 in Hanover, Kansas , the daughter of Johann Frederick Christian Schild and Johanne Catharine Margarete Meyer. She was born on April 20, 1871 in Tettens, Oldenburg, Germany. She died on April 4, 1959 in Wymore, Nebraska.

Dora Boettcher was born about 1867 in Reedsburg, Sauk Co., Wisconsin. She married Abe Hollaway.

Fred J. Boettcher  was born in May 1869 in Reedsburg, Sauk Co., Wisconsin. He died in Antelope, Kansas. He married Mina Roever on October 26, 1894 in Hanover, Washington Co. Ks. She was born in June, 1872 in Kansas.

Anna Katherine Boettcher  was born on  October 19, 1872 in Kansas and died on January 13, 1959 in Omaha Nebraska. She married Wilhelm Mahlman in 1892. He was born on  September 13, 1870 in Wisconsin. He died on February 23, 1932 in Lanham, Kansas.

Minnie Boettcher was born on October 11, 1874 in Hanover, Kansas. She died on January 11, 1953 in Superior Nebraska. She married Charles Francios Dusch on October 13, 1895.

Emelie Boettcher  was born in February, 1879 in Kansas. She married Charles Nieman. He was born in 1869 in Kansas.



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