James Albert Singleton and Rhodabell Brazzle Singleton

James Albert Singleton was born on August 17, 1876 in St Augustine, Illinois and died May 24, 1948 in Fairbury, Nebraska. He was the son of William Terry and Rachel Fielder Singleton and  He married Rhodabell Brazzel, the daughter of Joshua Brazzel, Jr. and Rachel Gano on November 4, 1895 in Holton Kansas.

Rhodabell Brazzell Singleton was born on October 4, 1879 in Barnes, Kansas and died on June 3, 1934 in Fairbury, Nebraska. After Rhodabell died, James married Anna L. Sand on November 28, 1936 in Fairbury, Nebraska. Anna was born March 11, 1888 and died on August 24, 1972.

Gertrude, Rachel and Mildred – October 1969


The Singleton children: L-R are Gertrude, Mildred, Phillip, George, Rachel

Children of James and Rhodabell were:

Rachel Elizabeth Singleton was born on October 17, 1896 in Wamego, Kansas and died on March 18, 1985 in Topeka, Kansas.  She is buried in the Hanover, Kansas cemetery.  She married Albert Boettcher.

William Joshua Singleton– born November 8, 1898.

Phillip Sylvester Singleton was born on June 2, 1903 in Wamego, Kansas and died April 6, 1969 in Washington, Kansas.  He married Katherine Scheetz on November 20, 1922. After her death he married Ethel M. Johnson in September 1957

George Washington Singleton was born on January 21, 1901 in Barnes, Kansas and died on December 11, 1978 in Chico, California.  He married Ida Mae Howland on April 4, 1922 in Hebron, Nebraska.

Mildred Leona Singleton – born on October 6, 1905 in Wamego, Kansas and died on October 5, 1982 in Fairbury, Nebraska.  She married William Huss on May 16, 1923.

Gertrude Singleton was born on February 16, 1908 in Wamego, Kansas and died on July 12, 1973 in Vancouver, Washington.  She married Ralph Melvin Vinsonhaler on June 13, 1925 in Sidney, Iowa.

Gertrude, Rhodabell and Rachel Singleton


Front row L to R – Leona, Bud, Phil Singleton, Mildred Singleton, Lester Brammer, Gertrude Singleton.  Back row L to R – Lawrence Walton, Vern Brammer, Rachel Singleton, Annie Hatke, George Singleton.
Rachel and George Singleton, 1901
Phillip and Katherine Scheetz Singleton
Phillip and George Singleton

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