Joshua Brazzle, Jr.

Joshua Brazzell Jr., son of Joshua Brazzel Sr and Nancy Quillen, was born in 1842 in Greene Co, Indiana and died on  February 15, 1931 in Fairbury, Nebraska.

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He married Sarah Jane Gano about 1859 probably in Harrison Co. Missouri. She was born in 1837  in Fayette Co. Ohio. She died about 1866 in Harrison Co Missouri.

Joshua and probably Rachel Gano

After Sarah Jane died he married her sister Rachel Gano on December 23,  1867 in Blue Rapids Twp, Marshall County, Kansas. She was born about 1847 in Fayette Co, Ohio.  She died on November 30,  1891 in Hollenburg, Kansas.

Joshua Brazzel and Rachel Gano Brazzle about 1880

After Rachel Gano Brazzle died he married Rachel Fielder on April 23,  1896 in Westmoreland, Pottawatomie Co, Kansas. Her first husband was William Terry Singleton; her second husband was William Dodson.  After both of her husbands died she married Joshua Brazzle.  She was born September 22, 1855 probably in  Illinois.

Joshua Brazzel was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Barnes, Kansas in Lot 202 in center of cemetery.  The stone does not have his name on it and is only marked with name Phoebe Gano.


Children on Joshua and Sarah Jane were: Robert, John, Mary Ann and Susan Brazzel.

Children of Joshua and Rachel Gano were: Liza, Phoebe, Sarah, Elizabeth, William S, Fanny, Rosetta, Rosanna, William H., Sarah Margaret, Rhodabell, Phillip, stillborn baby.

Children of Joshua and Rachel Fielder: stillborn baby

John Brazzel and Robert Brazzle
Rosetta Brazzel, left and Marg Brazzel right


Robert and Mary Brazzel and their 2 daughters (Liz and Margaret) and families
Joshua Brazzel is seated but I am not sure who the others are.

Washington Co, Kansas Land Deed – Vol 23, page 544 — June 1, 1881;   Joshua buys 80 acres of land from his father-in-law,  Robert Gano. The East 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 28 in Twp 3, south of Range 5 east.  Sold for $575.

Washington Co, Kansas Land Deed- Book 23, page 545 — May 10, 1882; Joshua and Rachel sell the 80 acres that they bought from Robert Gano. Land sold to Charles L. McChesney.  The East 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 28 in Township 3, south of Range 5.  Sold for $700.

Census Records

1860 census–  Jay, Missouri;  Harrison county, Washington township: Joshua age 18, Sarah J., age 19, Robert age 9 months. Living close by is Isaac and Susan Gano and Sampson and Catherine Brazzell.
1870 census–  Washington county, Lincoln township,  Kansas:  J. Brazzel age 26, born Indiana; R. Brazzel age 20, born Ohio; Robt age 11, born Missouri; John age 7, born Missouri; Mary A. age 9, born Iowa; Susan age 5 born Iowa; Phoebe age 2, born Kansas.
1875 census– Washington county, Little Blue township, Kansas: Joshua age 35, born Indiana, Came to Kansas from Iowa; Rachel age 28; Robt age 15, born Missouri; John age 13, born Missouri; Mary Ann age 11, born Iowa; Susan age 8, born Missouri; Phoebe age 6, born Missouri; Sarah M. age 4, , born Kansas; Fanny age 3, born Kansas
1880 census– Washington county, Little Blue township, Kansas: Joshuay age 65; Rachel age 64; John age 19; Mary Ann age 18; Susan age 15; Phebe age 13; Sarah age 12; Rosetta age 3.  Robert Brazzle, age 20, is living next door to them.
1885 census–  Washington county, Little Blue township, Kansas: J. age 46; R. age 36; John age 23; Susan age 20; M. age 14; R. age 9; RB age 2.
1900 census– Marshall County, Waterville twp, Kansas:  J. Brazzle age 65, born Jan 1835, married 40 years, (says his father born in Indiana and mother born in Pennsylvania); Rachel age 44, born Sept 1855, married 40 years, mother of 7 children, 5 children still living; Maudie B., daughter age 13, born Sept 1886 in Kansas.     This census lists Joshua and Rachel(Fielder Singleton Dodson)  and also lists a daughter named Maudie B.  born Sept, 1886.  This is Rachel Fielder’s daughter with Dodson, I believe.
1910 Census —   Joshua is enumerated with John Bond and Margaret Dodson in – Washington Co, Charleston twp, Kansas.   In this census record, Joshua states that his father was born in Scotland and his mother was born in Germany. Marg is Joshua’s daughter.  Listed as:  John R. Bond, head, age 43; Margaret Dodson, housekeeper, age 40; Etta R. Dodson, daughter age 14; Bessie G. Dodson, daughter age 11; John W. Dodson, son age 7, Yhybark, Levi, hiredman age 50; Joshua Brazzle, father in law age 75.
1920 Census — Joshua is enumerated with Bert and Rhoda (Rhodabelle is Joshua’s daughter) Singleton and their family in Washington Co, Ks, Hanover. Listed as:  Bert Singleton, head, age 43; Rhoda wife age 41; Rachel, daughter age 23; George, son age 18, Phillip, son, age 16; Mildred, daughter age 14; Gertrude, daughter, age 11; Joshua Brazzel, father in law, age 85

Joshua and Rachel Gano Brazzel marriage certificate

“Marriage License:  Marysville, Marshall County, Kansas.  December 9, 1867.  To any person authorized by law to perform the marriage ceremony: Greeting, You are hereby authorized by law to join in marriage Joshua Brazzel of Marshall County State of Kansas, aged Twenty Three years and Rachel Gano of Marshall County State of Kansas, aged Nineteen years. And if this License you will make due return to my office  within thirty days.  Probate Judge of Marshall County, Kansas.”

Joshua Brazzle and Rachael Dodson marriage certificate (Rachel Fielder Dodson Brazzle)

Marriage License:  State of Kansas, Pottawatomie County, SS. April 23d A.D. 1896.  You are hereby authorized to join in marriage, Joshua Brazzle of Holy Cross Kansas aged 57 years, and Rachel Dodson of Holy Cross, Kansas aged 40 years, and of this license you will make due return to my office within thirty days.  James Logsdon, Probate Judge.  State of Kansas, Pottawatomie County, SS. I, James Logsdon, do hereby certify, that in accordance with the authorization of the above license, I did, on the 23d day of April A.D. 1896 at Westmoreland, in said county, join and unite in marriage the above named Joshua Brazzle and Rachael Dodson.  James Logsdon, Probate Judge.”



Washington County, Kansas; Register of Deaths – Rachel Brazzel, November 30, 1891. Aged: 43;   Cause of death – Peritonitis; Delivered of 12# child through uterus, November 29, 1891; child died, entirely out of uterus with the abdominal visceral?  rupture probably occurred around morning of November 25, 1891.  Placenta remained in the the womb until after delivery of child. “


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