My journey in researching my ancestors began about 1975. Many afternoons I remember my mother and grandmother sitting and reminiscing about our family.

I began researching my Brazzel line to learn about my great-great grandpa Brazzel  since my grandmother, Rachel Singleton Boettcher, told so many stories about him including the fact that he lived to 104 years.

Finally I decided to start a website to share all my research and to make sure that I wouldn’t lose all the information I had collected through the years.  The website is called Family Genealogies and has been online since 1999.

I have been unable to update that website because the software program I used is no long available. I have therefore decided to start this blog so that I can share new information I have uncovered as well as share all the related information I have gathered through the years but is not on my website.

Please don’t hesitate to post a question or to share your information!





  1. You’re awesome Aunt Karen!!! I cannot thank you enough for all the years of genealogy work you have done for our family. And thank you for sharing it. Now I’m going to go read it all.

    Love you!


  2. I read it all!!! I never knew Grandma Martha Cain worked in a Shooting Gallery with the Carnival??? And maybe Grandpa Charles Cain too? We come from Carnies!!! 😉


    1. Grandpa had the shooting gallery but Grandma went with him. Probably just a short time because Grandpa then started his house painting business. I remember all the cans of paint out in his garage when we spent time there in the summer.


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